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In the poem Musee des Beaux Arts W. H. Auden describes the amazing descent of Icarus from the sky occurring as others are “just walking dully along” as we all often do.  As I am "just walking along," I explore my environment and the natural and man-made objects surrounding me, identifying spectacular patterns, colors, shapes created by natural forms, architectural details, and other aspects of our quotidian lives.  I then transform them into images which capture the attention of the viewer as something vaguely familiar, looked at, but never really seen.


Form, design, and pattern are intrinsic to everything in the world around us, but we are often only aware of the “big picture” and not the small things that comprise it.  By isolating these small things and making them larger than life, my paintings show the world in a new way and make the viewer become more attuned to the beauty and magic of the minutiae that form our everyday environment

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